Professionally referred to as buttock augmentation, butt lifts continue to be one of the most requested procedures for women of all ages. Not only does a butt lift reshape sagging skin, but it can also add curves where they’re desired most. It can be especially effective for patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight!

Radio-Frequency Technology Butt Lifts

At Your Contour Cosmetic Centers, we are dedicated to using the latest innovations to offer you great results, including radio-frequency technology (RFT). RFT distributes ultrasound waves to the deepest portion of the muscle and subcutaneous fat to lift, tighten, and reshape your behind. Not only can it tighten skin, but radio-frequency technology also “melt fat,” redistributing the lumpy appearance of cellulite often found in the buttocks region.

Performed without incisions, this procedure requires no recovery or downtime. Many patients see immediate changes, but optimal results may require more than one treatment. With few side effects, RFT butt lifts give patients a quick, affordable, and effective alternative to surgery.

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