1. Enjoy a Variety of Facials at Our Cosmetic Center

    Facials are one of the best ways to treat yourself while also doing your skin a favor. Here at Your Contour Cosmetic Center, we offer a variety of facials. When you visit our med spa in Plano, you can enjoy a treatment that targets exactly what your skin needs.  In today’s blog, we are going to go over a few of the facial treatment options that we offer. Take a minute to look over them so that …Read More

  2. What Is Microdermabrasion?

    If you have been seeking a way to get beautiful, even skin, then you have probably explored plenty of creams, gels, and facials. At Your Contour Cosmetic Center, we offer a number of facials that can help you get the results you’ve been seeking, including microdermabrasion. Read on to learn more about this gentle, noninvasive procedure, and contact Your Contour Cosmetic Center today to make an a…Read More

  3. What Is a Radio Frequency Face Lift?

    There are a lot of beauty trends out there that combine day spa treatments with cutting-edge technology. One you may have heard celebrities raving about is the radio frequency face lift. It may sound odd or intimidating, but it can offer you great results, and at Your Contour Cosmetic Center in Plano, you can try it for yourself at an affordable rate. Read on to learn more about this innovative pr…Read More

  4. What Is Laser Lipo?

    Are you struggling with stubborn belly fat? Sometimes even a balanced diet and regular exercise can’t reach those problem areas, and the only solution may seem like surgery. Not so fast! There are a number of techniques that can help you lose belly fat and bulges from other areas. Laser lipolysis is one option that can help you shrink problem areas and tighten your skin — all without surgery o…Read More